The Cliff that Takes you Back in Time!

First discovered by Jean Maury on 29 April 1924, the Grand Roc Cave was opened to the public in 1927.

The cave entrance is halfway up an impressive cliff face which dominates the Vézère valley at Les Eyzies.

Delve into the Heart of the Cave!

carte grand roc
  • 1 Carpark
  • 2 Ticket Office -Shop
  • 3 3D film Projection Room
  • 4 The Cro-Magnon Architectural Workshop
  • 5 Ruins of semi-troglodyte houses (putlog holes, hood moulding)
  • 6 The rockshelter "les Marseilles" and the Lookout post
  • 7 Stratigraphic Cross Sections
  • 8 Semi-troglodyte Houses
  • 9 Restaurant
  • 10 Ruins of semi-troglodyte houses (putlog holes, hood moulding)
  • 11 Staircase leading to the Grand Roc Cave

Experience an Exceptional Gem

This is the only geological cave of the Dordogne to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Enter a real-life mineral “forest”, composed of an incredible variety and density of crystal structures rarely found in other caves.

Curtains of calcite cover the floor in some places.  The stalactites that hang from the ceiling are sometimes thin, sometimes imposing, and sometimes translucent. From the ground, stalagmites rise up, occasionally meeting a descending stalactite to form a column. A huge amount of gravity-defying,  eccentrically shaped crystal structures and hanging calcite formations are cleverly lit to intensify the colour of the rock formations.

Come and discover this amazing mineral “jeweller’s shop”, one of the Périgord’s unmissable attractions!

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Don’t Forget your Dual Tickets !

Enjoy a guided visit of the Grand Roc Cave and a non-guided visit of the Rock Shelters of Laugerie Basse, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, at a discount. Schedule a visit to the Grand Roc and then you are free to visit Laugerie Basse whenever you want - the ticket is valid (once) until the end of the current calendar year.  Take a dual ticket and discover a cliff that will take you back in time…

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